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Sankesh Surana

Artistic Collection

Desigener pens

Each stroke flows seamlessly, bringing words to life with grace and sophistication

designer brooch

Delicate curves and shimmering accents intertwine, creating a statement piece that whispers elegance and class

designer Rings

Adorn your fingers with these ethereal treasures, invoking a sense of wonder and joy with every glance.

About Sankesh Surana

The most transformative thing every woman desire to wear is Jewellery. It’s a symbol of perfection as it doubles the class if luxury is combined with quality and custom design. The distinctiveness of design, inimitable style, the eye-catching art form of Indian heritage crockery, aromatic perfumery, craftsmanship, makes the Bangalore based affordable luxury brand, Sankesh Surana. 

He aims to revolutionize with the finest material for fashion inspired jewellery, the essence of Indian fragrance and royalty form of crockery that has an eternal beauty and bespoke elegance as they stand out ahead of others.

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